Flag Hoisting At Hinjilicut By Rickshaw Pullers.

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Hinjilicut,Dt-15/08(PPT) ; Independence Day has celebrated at the local bus stand by journalists of Hinjilicut on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day, with a full zeal and patriotic fervour with the social distancing guidelines. Bringing it forward is the religion of journalism.It was organized with the aim of mobilizing the high, low, rich and poor of India in the mantra of nationalism by co-ordinating in the classified society. Journalists should be vigilant to bring the problems of the citizens to the system to provide all the facilities which are provided by the government to the oppressed, the deprived, the afflicted, the exploited, the oppressed. “It will be an example of breaking the bar of inequality and creating a disciplined and integrated social system, ”said journalist friend Mr. Akash Patnaik. Journalists later distributed masks and conveyed the message of awareness to the society to avoid the corona epidemic. Leading journalists Basant Patnaik, Akash Patnaik, Kailashapati Das, Sudhanidhi Chowdhury, Rajinikanth Patra, Simanchal Nahak, Ranjit Kumar Polai, Rakesh Rath, Pabitra Kumar Patra, Himanshu Behera, Prabhudutta Patra were present. Report –Prabhudutta Patra

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